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Spritz’n Wipe – The original hands-free toilet paper moistening system

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The Spritz’n Wipe toilet paper moisturizer is a great way to feel fresh and clean after every bathroom use. It’s concept has been a really great idea that we all enjoy using at home. The device has an on/off button located on the back, where it also has an adhesive tape that can be use if you wish to place it onto the wall near your toilet paper roller. Although, I found this adhesive not to be of great strength to hold up the the weight of the device onto the wall  being that it’s to heavy, even with the two velcro hook side – it still won’t support it.

However, it also gives you the option of hanging it on the wall with a nail or just keeping it simple by placing it on top of your toilet lid or shelve. I also liked how the product came with the batteries as well.

The cartridge is very easy to attach in place. One of the things I truly like about this Spritz’n Wipe is the fact that it does not contains any harsh chemicals, artificial dyes or colors and best of all its alcohol and fragrance free. This is great because it won’t cause any irritation or infection like other scented wipes. The motion sensor responds great when placing your toilet paper underneath. I personally like to moisturize the paper twice for best results when cleaning. able to use your own toilet paper, makes it a great lifesaver because you won’t need to buy extra wipes – plus you will be able to flush it. Making it both safe for your septic or sewer system something you can’t do with normal cleaning wipes. I do advise to use a thicker and more stronger paper toilet when using this, because if you use poor quality paper toilet you will experience that the paper while moist won’t provide the same cleaning results than other better quality toilet papers., I didn’t find anything wrong with the device or with the product in general. I do find that the refill cartridges are slightly pricey other than that, the product is of great use. I do recommend the use of the Spritz’n Wipe that can be use for your daily cleaning.

If interested on purchasing the Spritz’n Wipethis is available on Amazon.

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