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SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Neckband Wireless Headset Sport Earbuds with Mic

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I decided to purchase the Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Neckband Wireless Headset Sport Earbuds with Mic by SoundPEATS for my husband because his previous bluetooth that he owned were the standard ones that come with his phone and they didn’t even last a month.

For the past month we have been looking for a good pair of bluetooth headsets that were both durable and of good quality. These Wireless Headset Sport Earbuds come in handy for when working out at the gym, running, traveling, driving and while he’s at work. They are indeed made out of a good quality and feels that they will last much longer than his previous ones. I like about the Wireless Headset Sport Earbuds is how he won’t lose them, nor will they get all tangled up. The bluetooth pairing of the device with his cellphone was really quick, compared to other bluetooth ear piece that will either not sync or will take a long time to recognize the device. The magnetic feature allows you keep your earbuds in place while not in use – they hold up really good while being in a repetitive movement. He did notice that the blue led light shines really bright at night, and can cause a bit of a distraction when driving.

The sound quality is nice and clear during calls and when playing music. When it comes to the frequency distance of the Wireless Headset and the mobile phone it stays sync about 26 feets within my bedroom to where the kitchen is located. Beyond that distance the voice will start to breakout and the headset will beep & vibrate to let you know that the call dropped because it lost the signal. My husband found them to be very comfortable while wearing the headset on his neck, and at times he will forget he even has them on. He had even mention that the earbuds don’t cause any discomfort during long hours of use, which is a plus when it comes to my husband.

If you’re looking for a good sound quality bluetooth headsets, that are lightweight and affordable. I highly recommend the Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Neckband Wireless Headset Sport Earbuds with Mic.

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