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Saganizer laundry hamper with wheels laundry cart – Review

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The¬†Saganizer laundry hamper with wheels laundry cart, comes in a heavy duty triple laundry sorter. The chrome/white laundry organizer looks¬†very professional, similar to the ones I’ve used at previous hotels I have worked in. When it comes to assembling the parts to this laundry hamper, it was both simple and easy. I did notice that while organizing the parts before assembling, one of the handles from the dividers didn’t came with the black rubber piece. Although, this is not such a big deal to me, it does help to avoid getting scrapped by the metal.When it comes to its function, it surely came in handy for me. It does not only holds the dirty clothes while helping me to transport them to my laundry room area with much ease – but I also found another use for it. Do to the fact that I personally don’t like to keep dirty clothes inside the hamper for more than a week, I am able to use it to place the dry clothes inside of it, and based on each household member – I can easily take those folded clothes to their corresponding location. Avoiding multiple trips from the laundry room to the kids and my room. No more piles of folded clothes falling off from my hands.

Overall, I found this hamper to be of great use. It is both strong and well made, making it a durable product. I highly recommend it.

If interested on purchasing the Saganizer laundry hamper with wheels laundry cart, this is available at Amazon.

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