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Mifanstech T95m 4K Kodi 16.0 Android 5.1 Tv Box

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The T95m 1G 4K Kodi 16.0 Android 5.1 Tv Box Amlogic S905 Quad Core by Mifanstech comes with a good list of well known preloaded apps. Although, its intention of use is more for Kodi because of its large amount of streaming content online, making you save extra money having to be tied to a cable service. It makes this one of the best choices when it comes to cutting your cable, to watch the things you wish to watch at the time you want, without being signed into a contract.

After looking around online and reading both positive & negative reviews from different android tv boxes I finally made up my mind. I was aiming more for the live streaming, but with the option to also do some lite playing. My first impression when I first saw the android box after unboxing it, was how small it is, similar to the apple tv box and lightweight as well. However, I did notice that the case of the android box came with some slight scratches – like if it was previously used and returned. Other than those noticeable details it powered on good.

This android tv box also has netflix, hulu and amazon app support, which is good. Very easy to use interface with a lot of flexibility. Another of the things I truly like about this android box, is that it will update very often – so you will always have great streaming experience with the latest working links. The version of kodi can also be updated, which is great – because you will always have the most recent version installed on your device.

Setting up the box to your Tv is very easy and simple. I like the fact that you can turn on and off the box. However, I’m still trying to figure out how to setup the controller to my Tv set. When it comes to the controller that the android box comes with, I found it to be of good use when selecting your apps and movies.

However, when it comes to searching online I recommend using a wireless keyboard and if you wish to use it for gaming- a wireless usb gamepad/joystick controller will be the best option. The buttons of the Mifanstech T95m control are made out of a soft rubber while the entire case is a hard plastic.

It’s been 1 week & 4 days since I purchased this android box and all of my family members love it. We have not experience no buffering issues & the loading is pretty quick and smooth. I have also notice that the box won’t get overheated during hours of use. One of my main reason of why I decided to purchase the Mifanstech T95m Android Box is because I always knew we were paying extremely a lot with Directv. So we decided to terminate our cable service and it’s been the best choice ever – plus my boys are enjoying all of their favorite cartoon channels. I can’t even remember how many times I needed to contact customer service to find some kind of way to save while still keeping a least the channels we watch the most – especially the kids channels.

To end up realizing that the only thing we were actually saving was $10 – $15 not to much of a saving. Without forgetting the times the channels we were paying for were down or the entire receiver box will have technical problems. In addition, not forgetting to mention also that we had signed for a 1 year contract based on an online offer and when our contract due date was approaching, without any notice from the company we were added to another 1 yr contract. What started to be a monthly payment of $54/mo it went up to $99/mo with less than 50 channels.

Overall, the Mifanstech T95m Android Tv Box is a great device I highly recommend for those wishing to end their cable contract and ready to stream endless content from the comfort of their living room / bedroom turning any HD Tv into a smart tv with this easy to use android box.

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