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Jancosta Electric Pencil Sharpener – Review

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The need in having to buy a sharpener daily because of my boys either losing or misplacing them wasn’t something I enjoyed having to do, after our crank sharpener end up breaking. So I decided it was a time for an update.

When I purchased the Jancosta Electric Pencil Sharpener I thought about it more than twice. We all know, that as a kid there’s a tendency of leaving the pencil inside for a long period of time. Just like I use to do back in school with the crank sharpener. The good thing of having this electric sharpener is the option to use it with batteries or plugging the usb cable into a usb outlet adapter. I can also plug it into one of my usb ports on my laptop/desktop pc making it easy to access and use when working on my desk. My boys enjoy using it with little to no help assistance.

I notice that the item was previously used, based on marks and pencil lead inside the container. I believe that it was a returned item, the reason I don’t know. Other than that, when it comes to noise and function of the electric pencil sharpener: I notice that if you don’t hold the pencil firmly, the pencil will start spinning and the sharpener inside will start making a clicking sound.


Now, when it comes to the proper use of the sharpener, it makes the usual noise like other electric sharpeners. The quality of this electric sharpener is pretty good, plus I found it to be lightweight. The lid does opens with the vibration when sharpening the┬ápencil – no tight seal.

Overall, I found this electric sharpener to be useful, strong and durable – while having the option to use it with batteries or plug-in. It would have been nice to see it come with its own I recommend it.

If interested on purchasing the Jancosta Electric Pencil Sharpener, this is available at Amazon.

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